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FDA CERTIFIED Shilajit Resin for Stamina & Health-from the High altitudes of the Himalayas & Tibet.

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

AMRIT Industries (Worldwide) & Makhana Amrit Mantra present FDA & NABL certified Shilajit/ Mumijo (Asphaltum Punjabianum), It is an extremely rare natural mineral-based compound that is found in the Himalayan and Tibetan mountains @ 18500 ft, ASL. It is formed over THOUSANDS of YEARS of slow decomposition of PLANTS & HERBS. It is pale-brown to blackish-brown in color. An integral part of the Indian Natural Ayurvedic (Yoga) system, considered a SUPER SUBSTANCE for its medicinal properties hence used as a Health Supplement for both MEN & WOMEN for ages and is now available worldwide because of its health benefits. The medicinal properties benefit the mind & body by boosting energy levels, aphrodisiac vigor, and mental & physical performance. Being blessed with the goodness of 89 minerals, shilajit is beneficial to health on a different level, because it includes Hummus, Organic minerals, copper, magnesium, zinc, silver, iron, lead, fulvic acid, etc. #shilajit #strength #stamina #gym #vitality #workout #aphrodisiac #health #fitness #humus #fulvicacid #wellness #mumijo

Shilajit Benefits: Shilajit holds the capability to accelerate your entire health when used correctly. This is because of ‌the presence of fulvic and humic acid in it. The minerals present detoxify the tissues, but also strengthen and nourish them. Being a mixture of rare minerals, it offers multiple advantages. In case you are among the ones who aren’t familiar with any ‌of them, no need to worry then. We have listed below some of the health benefits of Shilajit. 1. Prevents Liver Cancer 2. Shilajit Good for Heart Health 3. Good For Skin Health 4. Shilajit Helps in Weight Loss 5. Good for Period Wellness 6. Improves Fertility in Women 7. Promotes Testosterone Level 8. Regulates Bone Health 9. Shilajit Benefits for Hair Growth

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